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Since blog entries are listed in chronological order and not alphabetical, they can be somewhat difficult to search through when looking for stuff about a specific game or developer. To help you quickly find what you're looking for, I'm also maintaining two manually updated lists of games and developers. Each time I post a new blog entry about a game or developer, I make sure it's also linked from these two lists.

This is the GAMES LIST. Everything here is sorted by the titles of games. If you instead would like to sort by the names of developers, please visit the people list.

Alone In The Dark

(Infogrames, 1993)

Another World (aka Out Of This World)

(Delphine Software, 1991)



(Ion Storm, 2000)

Diablo II

(Blizzard Entertainment, 2000)


(id Software, 1993)


(Interplay, 1997)

Laser Squad


(LucasFilm Games, 1990)

Maniac Mansion

(LucasFilm Games, 1987)


(Bullfrog, 1989)

Prince of Persia

(Broderbund Software, 1989)


(id Software, 1996)

Robotron: 2084

(Williams Electronics, 1982)

Star Control

(Toys For Bob/Accolade, 1990)

Star Control II

(Toys For Bob/Accolade, 1992)

The Last Express

(Broderbund Software, 1997)

UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM: UFO Defense)

(MicroProse, 1994)

Wolfenstein 3D

(id Software, 1992)

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